Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Poker Community Waits for 60 Minutes Story

The Poker Community is waiting to see the new 60 Minutes story.
60 Minutes plans to broadcast a story focusing on on-line poker. How this investigative report is to play out remains vague with speculation from the on-line poker community stating that this report could be either good or bad for on-line poker.
Which way will it slant? There is anticipation that 60 Minutes will portray on-line poker as a dangerous predatory place. Others hope that the story will encourage the United States government to want to regulate it as a productive industry instead of outlawing it under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006.
One of the contributors to the story is Georgia’s own Nat Arem. Nat is co-creator of thePokerDB (dashboard) which is available at as well as having administrative duties at a leading online poker forum. Nat was instrumental in investigating and cracking the UB/AP Poker Scandals.
In the wake of the UB/AP Poker Scandals and the Bodog indictments and bank account seizures, internet poker is screaming for regulation. Hundreds of millions of tax dollars is wasted by the United States government in the midst of a back drop of record national debt. Hopefully, the result of the story will help result in the on-line poker industry going mainstream in conjunction with the lobbying efforts of the PPA (Poker Players Alliance)

In addition to the on-line scandal stories, Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes was in Las Vegas in July using the WSOP as a background for a segment of the story. There is file footage of Steve Kroft interviewing Greg Raymer, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, Chris Moneymaker and others as well as Dan Rather being schooled by a ring game veteran. Check out 60 Minutes: It's All About the Players

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