Thursday, July 24, 2008

WSOP Madness - Tiffany Michelle and Tony G

The 2008 WSOP so far has had it's fair share of controversy, as any good WSOP seems to do so the past few years anyway. This year, poker player Tiffany "Hot Chips" Michelle had a chance to make history and become only the 2nd woman at the final table of the WSOP, plus give a huuuuuge boost to poker in general as she is well... not called "hot" chips for nothing.

Tiffany finished 17th in the 2008 WSOP, and it looks like TonyG, major share holder in pokernews also employed Tiffany as a reporter and even worked a deal to help get her in the main event, which soured when Tiffany and her agent secured a deal with Ultimate Bet for sponsorship instead of working with TonyG (PokerNews) for the sponsorship opportunities.

Tony comments in his blog:
As I thought about it all, I said to Jeff that if he put up $4K, I would put up $6K but I would have all the rights to Tiff in terms of endorsement. I know Jason and Tiff both heard me say this. Jeff immediately said yes, that he would do it. I was under a lot of pressure right then because I had run out of cash and even had to borrow money to stake her. I told Tiff that she would have to sign a contract and I wanted it understood that I wanted the rights from anything that might come of her playing and placing in this event; at the time, it was kind of like buying a lottery ticket. I was pretty excited and pumped because I had 35 players in the main event and very high hopes that some of them would do very well and win, of course I was interested in what it would all mean to PokerNews in terms of traffic and new exposure.

See more on this post on his Tony G's blog here but it looks like he is letting this go according to his post at the very bottom of Tony G's post. You can catch the discussion of this at the major forums like P5's and 2+2.

You can also listen to Tiffany Interviewed on PokerRoad.

Coming from the poker perspective, this could have been so much better had Tiffany worked out a deal with TonyG, PokerNews and Poker as Tony says in his blog... and even better had Tiffany made the WSOP final table, it would have been like a Chris Moneymaker effect all over again.

Here is Tiffanys statement at Wickedchops who says why was she singled out to wearing only PokerNews stuff while other players had lots of logos and pokernews stuff on it as well.

Ahh, maybe next year.

*this post was by Spry, not Haley :)

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Anonymous said...

Tiffany Michelle is just plain RUDE! Not only does she think that she gets to “run the game” on her OWN clock, and not give someone the time they think they want or need, since she wasn’t even in the damned hand anyway, but she gets to pass judgment on others who are in the hand….I honestly believe she was just a little pissed that the camera wasn’t on her arrogant face. Please, in her blog she calls him a Hollywooder simply because he is thinking about his hand. Again, we’ve all seen her arrogance and she simply wanted the camera on her. Disgusting.

Everyone saw, and even the announcers commented on Tiffany being happy about the other 2 last girls being knocked out. The other girls were cheering for her (but they didn’t know yet that Tiffany was publicly hoping they got knocked out.) As the announcer said after Tiffany was happy to see Lisa Parsons (a real pro and classy person and player) get eliminated, “well, I guess there’s no traveling sisterhood in poker.” And this is in addition to Tiffany calling the other remaining girls “bitches” on camera in an interview. Tasteless. Just low class trash. Tiffany is just a young obnoxious rude person, and I think it would be hard to sit at a table with an arrogant obnoxious person like that.

I high fived when Tiffany Michelle got knocked out and I’d NEVER cheer her on again. EVER! Good riddance Tiffany Michelle. Pride comes before a fall.

Oh, and by the way Tiffany Michelle, if the "chips had a crush on you" before, as you so arrogantly in Tiffany Michelle fashion stated in WSOP, I suppose they dumped your ass. Maybe they thought you were "taking too long" in the mirror that morning and "called" you on it :)