Saturday, September 21, 2013

Leo Fernandez Suspended from Team PokerStars, Account Sharing Alleged on Forums

One of the South American members of Team PokerStars, Argentina's Leo Fernandez, has been suspended from the site for a period alleged to be six months after unspecified violations of the site's terms and conditions (ToC).  The news was originally broken by Spanish-language poker site, which covered the recent LAPT Panama, where a patchless Fernandez participated.

Allegations regarding the reasons for Fernandez cluttered a major 2+2 discussion thread about the Argentinian, a global tournament traveler and cash-game player whose first big score was a fifth in a 2009 EPT high-rollers event for more than $160,000.  That something did happen regarding Fernandez was confirmed by PokerStars reps, however, one of whom told SuperPoker, "Leo made ​​a big mistake that we didn't agree and of which we cannot speak right now."  However, Stars' official page for Fernandez remains up and active as of this posting, with no mention of the suspension.

What that mistake might have been could be allowing other players to participate on Fernandez's sponsored PokerStars account, with Dan "mrgr33n13" Coleman among the accusers and several posters on multiple forums claiming that Fernandez friend Fabrizio Gonzalez might be sharing the account.  Additional allegations surfaced concerning suspect and possible collusion play involving Fernandez in some of Stars highly-promoted "Home Games" offerings, which if true, would be plenty of reason to draw Stars' ire.

If only it was the first skirmish for Fernandez, but it's not.  Poker veterans remember Fernandez, fellow Argentinian player Veronica Dabul, and two unnamed others being targeting by the Wynn Casino in a $700,000 lawsuit a couple of years back.  That lawsuit alleged team cheating at craps by Fernandez, Dabul and the others, including the "sliding" of dice by Fernandez while Dabul and the other allegedly distracted the croupiers.  No resolution of that lawsuit was ever publicized, however, though it's a safe bet that the team's members are no longer welcome at Wynn properties.

While everyone can make a mistake, the allegations regarding Fernandez tend to paint him as equal-opportunity, repeating cheat across multiple forms of gaming, and it wouldn't be a surprise if the six-month suspension purportedly dished out by Stars turned into a permanent form of severance.


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