Sunday, September 09, 2007

Not Feeling Overly Charitable

[Cal here, on the prowl on Sunday---]

Charity funders are a growing part of the major-tournament scene, but not all poker players seem to understand the concept.

Following its successful benefit funder at the WSOP, 'Ante Up for Africa,' which raises funds for humanitarian relief in war-torn Darfur, was invited to reprise its efforts as part of the debut World Series of Poker Europe effort. The problem came about when one of the people scheduled to appear, British horseracing commentator John McCririck, discovered to his dismay that he was actually supposed to pay the £500 charity entry fee. McCririck declined to do so, stating that that was his sponsor's obligation.

When he found out that no, players who sign up for the limelight bestowed upon charity events are actually supposed to make the donations themselves, McCririck grabbed his presumably long-suffering wife, nicknamed 'The Booby,' and stormed from the proceedings.

It's clear McCririck has been around horses far too long. It seems clear that he's become a part of a horse himself.

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