Sunday, September 09, 2007

Little Rock NPL Event Goes Forward Despite Legal Threats

[Cal here, on an even slower Sunday night---]

Here's a short tale of the Memphis-based National Poker League, one of many league-based, "play for fun" poker organizations that have sprung up around the country.

The NPL had previously run its events in Tennessee and Oregon, and had planned to do so a month or so in Little Rock, Arkansas, as well --- until the local city attorney and police officers threatened raids and arrests if the event went forward.

The NPL cancelled its original event to go over the legalities one more time, and decided to go ahead and run an event yesterday (Sep. 8th) anyway, despite even more threats from the Little Rock city attorney.

The event drew about 40 players, and guess what? No cops.

Bluff 'n' bluster on the part of law enforcement officials is nothing new, nor can anyone say for sure that the Little Rock Deputy Dawgs won't try something at a future date. For now, though, it looks as though the NPL called Little Rock's bluff... and won.

NPC president Michael White issued the following quote: "It is just for the love of the game and this has been needed. As you can see behind us, people love to play the game of poker. They don't want to risk money, they don't want to go to the casino and feel like they have to risk money and at NPC, and they never have that opportunity."

More power to 'em.

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