Saturday, September 08, 2007

PPA, 2+2 Getting All Warm and Fuzzy

[Cal here, still on a slow Saturday night---]

The recent thawing of relations between the Poker Players Alliance and the 2+2 poker discussion forum -- the largest of all such forums -- might have benefit for online poker as a whole. The PPA had long been scorned by the 2+2 heads, David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth, with Malmuth posting the results of a private investigation several months back that indirectly led to the PPA becoming more open with its financial records, as a good non-profit organization should.

In the last couple of weeks, the 2+2 ownership sounded off with a much warmer consideration of the PPA and that organization's aims than they had previously done, with the PPA responding in kind by having its representatives start or communicate within several ongoing 2+2 threads. It's good to see; the PPA might have something to offer, now that the organization is finally going national, and repairing relations with the largest poker forum can't be anything but helpful for an organization that aims to be the political voice of the game.

Whether or not the mutual warming is in any way connected to the departure of previous PPA president Michael Bolcerek is anyone's guess; both Bolcerek and the 2+2 honchos (Sklansky, Malmuth) have exhibited crusty bevahior in the past, and the PPA's controls being handed over to John Pappas might have unofficially opened the way for better feelings all around. That the PPA's beginnings were curious goes beyond question; that the organization has taken strong steps to legitimize itself is also without doubt.

These days the PPA boasts about 700,000 members, and perhaps that long hoped-for goal of a million members is finally within sight.

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