Thursday, August 23, 2007

Video Fun Courtesy of Bill and Iggy, and "My Full House Beats Your Three Jacks'

Granted that a lot of people have already seen this, but we wouldn't be doing our service to the poker world if we didn't try and jam Bill Rini's latest moment of creative genius down the throats of anyone who missed it on the first wave.

Bill's already received a comment from at least one reader repulsed by the parody use of Hitler in anything so, well, not over-serious on the Holocaust or World War II. Both of which actually did occur, despite what a certain Iranian president would have us believe. But despite the fact that the video is hardly PC, it also isn't shocking or disgusting. It seems that some people have forgotten that humor is an outlet of relief from more serious concerns, and it often involves caricatures or placeholders; something that is sure to happen with Hitler as the decades and generations pass. Hitler was very real and very evil... and Rini's video is still funny. Just too good, Bill.

On a more traditional note, Iggy has decided to share this little YouTube clip called "Roommate Revenge." It has nothing to do with poker, and it's evil, too. That said, can you watch it without laughing?

Then there's evil of a different sort. Okay, it's not evil, it's just stupid. It's the poker-rap video promoting All-In Energy Drink and featuring Johnny Chan, Phil Hellmuth, Layne Flack and others. While the producers were fully successful in talking Chan into lip-synching the words while sitting at a poker table, they were less successful in spreading a poker hand out for the cameras that actually matched the lyrics being non-sang.

"My full house beats your three jacks." Read the board, Chachi.

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