Sunday, August 19, 2007

One Last Thought on All Things JJProdigy...

The recent re-eruption of scandal centering around California online poker kid JJProdigy (Josh Field) amazingly overlooks one historically important fact:

The kid is still 17, and not legally eligible to play on any online poker site in the world. No matter how good he is, and no matter how much his friends think they can enrich themselves through JJProdigy's madd pokah ski11z.

That he has been enabled to do so through the assistance of slightly older friends does not make it all okay; rather, each and every one of those friends has broken both the sites' ToS (Terms of Service) agreements. It is an imperative for online poker sites to maintain high standards of prevention against underage players infiltrating their sites.

To the enablers, many of whom have already had accounts frozen or been banned from sites themselves, they seemed to have overlooked the fact that there's little moral difference between circumventing the sites' age requirements and, oh, sneaking one's underage friends into a bar or letting the neighborhood kid come over to your basement kegger. Such things have been done damn near since time began, but to bitch about it as if it was the sites doing something mean and rotten and nasty is a hilarious demonstration of a lack of self-responsibility.

Each and every person who gets banned because of open account associations with JJProdigy or other identified underage players has no complaint if they are banned permanently from online sites, despite what they might tell you.

Don't believe the gripe.

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