Friday, August 24, 2007

Some Players Just Don't -Get- It

[Cal checking in, on the Haley beat---]

Not too long after Full Tilt pro David Benyamine was exposed as having numerous accounts so that he could play at high stakes without being recognized by his opponents (largely prior to his official FT days), Brian 'sbrugby' Townsend has now openly admitted to doing the same thing. In his Cardrunners blog, Townsend wrote the following:

Well I am defenitly not starting off well on my 100K hand challenge. I am playing under secret screen names on many diferent sites because it can be hard to get action at these stakes. Today I got beat up pretty bad but using my 3 BI stop loss really helped. One hand I defend my big blind iwth T7s when we were 100BB deep. Flop is TT8 rainbow. I check raise about pot. Turn is 9 I bet he shoves and shows me QJ. Another I slow played a big pair preflop and ran into his set on a very drawy board. And the final hand of the day I turned the nut straight only to be shown runner runner flush. basically it was a crappy day. Another hand I had a straight flush draw vs his top pair where I had 56% equity and missed.

Overal I thought I played well though, and I intend to review my sessions tonight. I really found having a 3 BI stop loss helped me a ton. I think I played well but when you get down 3 or 4BI it is so hard to regain your confidence and come back HU. So stopping really helped me stay focused. My new laptop comes on Wedenesday and I think it will help me play better as even my desktop is begining to get bogged down with spyware type programs.

All [sic], of course. Despite the doofusness of allowing too much spyware to accumulate on a laptop that one is using to play online at high stakes, the casual flippancy of Townsend's admitting to using multiple shadow accounts is just sad. Clearly, this has become one of the most prevalent angle-shoots of the online game. I could see players who are contracted to do publicity for a site being allowed to have exactly -one- extra account, due to the way the publicity accounts can be assailed by railbirds and such. But to just keep setting up accounts because one is getting one's ass handed to one's self (as seems to be the motivation here) is just funny... pathetic-funny, not ha-ha funny.


Dr Zen said...

I don't see why you should not be anonymous if you want to be. If it costs you money that people have a book on you, and know how you play, why not hide?

guest said...

Zen, it's because not all players are afforded the same opportunity. In the same way that well-off or dedicated players have access to extra software, computer screens and accounts, casual players do not. Given that these players are already much better players to begin with, then such measures as multiple accounts are pure greed and against the spirit of the game.