Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Salacious Times, II: Bryan 'Neverwin' Micon Announces Pending Divorce and Move to Vegas

The occasional surf over to is one of those guilty pleasures I sometimes fall victim to, sort of like snuggling in for a 'Cops' marathon on FX. One can never be quite sure what's real and what's not, over there, secondary evidence notwithstanding.

The original post on the topic of Micon's split from his wife, Erin, came from the cryptically-named poster, MiconsNeighbor, and touched off several more posts of the expected crazy shit in the normal neverwinpoker style. But once in a while, these things turn out to be true.

Here's Micon's take on it, posted yesterday:

"Marriage = donkdown, moving to Vegas. It is obviously very sad, as Mrs. Micon (for a little while longer) and I still love each other very much - we just want different things in the future and to live different lifestyles, which is understandable considering how I do things."

Okay, it doesn't rank with the Colclough disaster (previous post), but it was either this or mentioning that David Benyamine and Erica Schoenberg --- engaged lovebirds, to boot --- are the latest additions to Team Full Tilt. Gee whiz, it's a slow news day....

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Bryan Micon said...

Erin Micon is a fatty.

hofnig said...

bryan micon hates black people. fact.