Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Salacious Times, I: 'El Blondie' Cuckolded by Rhowena

Did you hear the one about the famous poker player who returned from a major European poker tournament to find his wife sleeping with another man? That's what happened this past week to Dave 'El Blondie' Colclough, who returned from the EPT Monte Carlo event to find his wife, Rhowena, enjoying a different type of extracurricular fun with a 26-year-old man. That's closer to Rhowena's age (27, I believe), while Dave is 43.

Not that that's a problem. What was interesting in the rage of the moment was that El Blondie saw fit to post the episode on his poker blog before thinking better of it and yanking it down a short while later. Uhh, Dave, the Internet doesn't work like that. Once it's posted, it's out there in some form for good. Bet he knows that, now.

Rhowena's a poker celeb as well, being the current presenter on British poker channel Poker 425 after doing similar duties for William Hill, and she also won the first episode of the MansionPoker Poker Dome, albeit after being run over by the deck at the end of the episode. (It's the only episode this writer watched.)

El Blondie's short-lived message stated that he now considers himself single. This will certainly nothing to reduce the fame of one of Great Britain's most well-known players, who has won over two million pounds in his career to date.

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