Friday, April 13, 2007

Salacious Times, III: The Purported Jenny Woo Sex Videos?

I normally wouldn't bring this one up, but there's a very minor to-do circulating about Gambling911 writer Jenny Woo and the purported existence of some suggestive videos featuring her (under an alias) elsewhere on the Web. Wicked Chops has a pretty good piece up on the situation, which can pretty well be assured to be true, given Woo's voiciferous nondenial a few days ago over at the Gambling911 site.

And I mean, this is what, a surprise? Woo's whole gig over at G911 is about selling her own sex appeal, so it's a shock --- really, truly a shock --- to learn that she might have done some of the same stuff earlier in a slightly different format. Think otherwise? Psssst... the video poker machines at the bar are, as stated, 'For Entertainment Purposes Only.' Trust me.

Oh, come on now. Bill of goods, one; sold. It's right there with the recent piece on Woo being the first to volunteer to test ride the stripper pole planned for David Williams' new Vegas condo.

Nice huckstering, kids.

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