Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jamie Gold Almost Apologizes in NY Times Interview

Several sites have now noted the presence of a New York Times interview yesterday with 2006 WSOP Main Event winner Jamie Gold, wherein he admitted to some of his WSOP-themed misdeeds. The dude's never quite gonna figure it out, his back-handed mea culpas notwithstanding, which is why I always refer to him as "winner," never as "champion." There's a difference.

Anyhow, if apologizing means stating that, "People are just going to have to forgive me," then I guess he apologized. The story, which can be read here, also includes frank comments from Phil Gordon and WSOP boss Greg Thompson, with Gordon's quote having any number of possible interpretations.

Some nice YouTube member has posted the video clip of the "top-top" episode with Lee Kort, which I'm going to try hard to not mention here again. Nasty stuff, and no one involved, including whatever WSOP tournament director was watching and somehow let go without a penalty, can be proud of the moment.

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Anonymous said...

you should take a listen to the NYT reporter's full interview with Gold on his podcast. Go to Un-effin-believable. Great podcast, too.