Friday, February 23, 2007

Faster Than the Speed of Light, It's Super Hellmuth!

While posters on 2+2 are fretting about the size of the mole next to Phil Hellmuth's nose, we'll check in tonight with a concern of a different type: Exactly how is Hellmuth supposed to meet a couple of his upcoming tournament commitments, which are in conflict?

See, Hellmuth's certainly going to be a part of the third annual NBC Heads-Up Poker National Championship, which will be filming at Caesar's in Las Vegas the first days of March. However, Hellmuth was one of three players on the original list of 64 who also turned up recently as one of the 12 invitees for a new British poker show, called PartyPoker Premier League Poker, a "league" format event which will also be getting underway in Kent, in the south of England. And filming for this league event begins in late February and runs through, you guessed it, March 4th.

The other two players, Kenna James and Tony G, no longer appear on the revised NBC Heads-Up roster, having pulled out of the competiton. However, not only is Hellmuth listed in both, a very recent press release for the PartyPoker Premier League prominently features a Hellmuth quote pimping these English poker festivities.

That's cool and all, but I have to admit to being curious about just how the hell he's going to pull off being in both spots at once. Private-jet round trips on a daily basis hardly seem feasible, given that London-to-Vegas would be what... eight or ten hours each way? Nor can one imagine that organizers at either venue would be appreciative of a missing Hellmuth, given the formats.

So, my guess is that Hellmuth appearing in the British show won't turn out to happen after all, though I've got to admit it'd be quite a stunt if it did. Maybe Hellmuth's got a "SuperBrat" cape waiting in the wings, and not only will he appear at both tourneys, he'll eschew the jet part. Or maybe he'll be playing in the London one via remote. Yeah, right... with Tony G, Devilfish Ulliott and a couple of other "engaging" personalities on hand, that one'll be moving forward as planned.

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