Monday, February 26, 2007

Full Tilt Players Fall for Ruse, Have Accounts Frozen

Just as FullTilt is on the verge of releasing eight new commercials with a decidedly serious edge, proof comes that for a few Full Tilt customers, such a high-brow approach might be a little off the mark. A handful of 2+2 posters fell for a simple ruse, trying to access a frozen account after account details were posted amid the offer of $12 million play dollars, free for the taking. Since accessing a frozen account from a computer with another active Full Tilt account in play trips software detection triggers, freezing player accounts trying to make the connection, FullTilt staffers suddenly found themselves spending hours resetting the accounts of those idiots players that tried to log in on the frozen account in hopes of transferring themselves some free play chips.

The hilarious lesson in personal greed was started by a post by someone using the 2+2 name "Bled For Days," spawning several threads, the largest of which can be viewed here. Perhaps the most pathetic of all the FT customers caught by the scam was one low-'rolled player who was running well in a $10+1 MTT with what he claimed was the last of the money, but somehow read about the chips while playing his MTT. The player logged off from his own account during play, tried to log on to the frozen account connected to the bogus free-chip offer, and then discovered that he could no longer log back in to his own account to continue play.

The player reported that he was able to watch himself be blinded down, to be bubbled out of the tourney just shy of the money. After learning why his account was frozen, he had the gall to make a public plea for Full Tilt to refund his buy-in, which was, in the name of common sense, declined.

Unknown yet is why the original account was frozen, though speculation centers on it having been tied to credit-card fraud or other chip-dumping problems, meaning that its owner had one last laugh at the expense of the people and/or site he'd been defrauding anyway.

There's a sucker born every minute. Fortunately, there's a chance that he's sitting at your poker table.

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