Sunday, June 04, 2006

The "Top Ten Poker Legends" List --- Funny in More Ways than One

A recent post on the 2+2 forums by member "CrazyAce" mentions an "Ultimate Guide to Poker" booklet that this player had recently received. The booklet, produced and sent out by, included a lovely section called the "Top Ten Poker Legends."

Your blogger reproduces that list here, unvarnished:

1. Stu Ungar
2. Benny Binion
3. Johnny Moss
4. Phil Hellmuth
5. "Amarillo Slim" Preston
6. Walter "Puggy" Pearson
7. Greg Raymer
8. Mike Matusow
9. Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott
10. Phil Gordon

Obviously, the list is a hoot --- either written by or contracted for by someone whose knowledge of poker encompasses the last 60 days of poker news and a single pass of a Barnes and Noble poker shelf. But laughing at the list itself is too easy, and so I'll throw out an alternate list here, taking oh, three minutes or so to type it in and undoubtedly leaving someone great off the list. (Readers are welcome to drop their own "Top Ten Poker Legends" lists into this blog's comment area as well... I always enjoy this type of discussion.) And note the use of the word "legend," rather than "player," which does justify the inclusion of Benny Binion in a list of this nature.

Granted, the majority of the list is outhouse filler.

Without further ado, Haley's top ten "Legends of Poker," subject to change at the slightest whim:

1. Doyle Brunson
2. Stu Ungar
3. Johnny Chan
4. Johnny Moss
5. Phil Ivey
6. Benny Binion
7. Phil Hellmuth
8. T.J. Cloutier
9. "Amarillo Slim" Preston
10. Chris "Jesus" Ferguson

After the top six, obviously, it's off to Subjective City. I could replace any of the bottom four with others equally worthy, but then again, this is just a quickie, made-up list. Chip Reese, Jack "Treetop" Straus, Chris Moneymaker (if just for the "Moneymaker Effect"), Bobby Baldwin, Berry Johnston... those and a dozen others could also be legitimate entries.

So comment away... while I take this post in another direction.

I had a bit of trouble RE-locating the above forum post and list for the purposes of this piece, and after I did locate it, I was curious about just who was behind a list so... ermm... intriguing in nature. I thought it would lead me to some sort of support page, but I was in for an entirely different sort of laugh.

Take a moment or three and click on each of the following links:

1) From a site called 10 Best Poker Sites

2) From a site called

3) From a wretched web-turd called Center Casino

Oh yeah, they're all the same; the descriptive list of the text matches exactly on each... and one can safely presume that this includes the remainder of the mailing as well. While it's possible that the same list author is responsible for all of these appearances, it's even more likely that one or more of the above is yet another example of content theft.

As a writer, content theft is something that I hate... but I'm not going on the soapbox here; rather, I have to admit to a hearty laugh on this one as well. I suppose it shows just how explosive and popular poker remains. After all, it doesn't matter how stupid the poker content is --- if it's on the web, someone's still gonna steal it.


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