Sunday, June 04, 2006

"Everybody Loves Calvin"... and at Bodog, Calvin Loves Everybody, Too

Welcome, welcome, thank you all for visiting. Today's post proffers one of those unintentionally funny photographs, served up deep within the slick, 16-full-color-page brochure our friends at Bodog sent out in announcing their WSOP-connected marketing conference, to be held July 23-26 at the Wynn in Las Vegas. I'm not even going to comment further on the conference's theme: "SEDUCE, INDUCE, IGNITE."

Too easy. Instead, I was just doing one of those meaningless over/under bets with myself: How many times would Ayre's pic appear in a 16-page glossy promoting one of his marketing events? My guess: six.

But the under was correct... 'twas only four. One of the four, though, was this composite beauty, the backdrop for a full-page "Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker" ad near the back:

It's good to see Calvin bestowing his goodwill on all these little people, isn't it? However, a count of names in the caption shows that three of the pictured munchkins are so little that they don't even have to be named. (Or, allegiance is a fickle thing.)

Still, I thought the photo was a major hoot even before I counted and tried to match up the names (fat chance of that) --- and I'm pretty sure you'll think so, too. And while Calvin is so-o-o much fun to post about, I still like playing at Bodog; the games are perpetually among the loosest and softest you'll find... even if some of the other Bodog stuff is loose and soft in a different way.

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