Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Missing Full Tilt Commercials --- "Toot" Lame for TV?

John Juanda enjoys the labors of the bean counters in this unaired Full Tilt commercial --- source:

One of the problems with using a Yahoo! or other portal-type e-mail account is that when a exceptionally tasty junk e-mailing goes out, it usually takes a few hours before it works its way through the servers and into my "bulk" box. Such was the case with Full Tilt's e-mailing a day or so ago promoting three short TV spots that, for one reason or another, won't make it onto your television screen. Full Tilt would have you believe that the commercials are too edgy and controversial, which is at least a better explanation than if we were to reinterpret the e-mail's subject line, which was: "Watch The Ads We Couldn't Pay the Networks to Run."

Okay, paying the light bills does come before the ad budget. Oh, they didn't mean it that way?

In case you haven't checked out the commercials, here's the link. You'll find three not-for-prime-time commercials there, featuring Full Tilt pro endorsers John Juanda, Phil Ivey and Erik Seidel.

Go ahead... you can view all three in two minutes, tops.

So whaddya think? It's unanimous, then: They haven't been aired due to sheer lameness. The Seidel commercial doesn't make sense (because the street punk wouldn't be at Seidel's place in the first place if he didn't know there was a "daughter" living at the home); the Ivey spot is just plain weird in the way of some bad Killjoy-style flick (minus the blood, of course); and the Stooges did the fart-in-a-closed-space gag better a mere 80 years ago. And none of the three of them --- the Full Tilt pros, that is, not the Stooges --- has that good of a poker face in the commercials, anyway.

In a nutshell, these commercials are pretty forgettable. However, I might pay a nickel to see what a good producer could do with Mike Matusow in the context of one of these "poker face" ads. That could've been funny.

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