Sunday, June 18, 2006

Kick Ass Poker's Online League, Season Two Starting Soon

While the first season of Kick Ass Poker's Online League is in the books, there's even nicer stuff ahead. Just around the bend is the improved/expanded/engorged/exhalted Season Two --- bigger, better, and with a Bodog-ilicious bounty of bonus prizes added in. It's simple, really: Sign up and play with your Kick Ass Poker favorites (including perennial "provider" me), and you'll be eligible to win some nice extra prizes, on top of the normal prize pool.

It's a short, 10-week season, kicking off on Wednesday June 28th at 9:10pm EST. With the extra chance to play against several tough Atlanta-based players for a nominal fee, so what's not to love? Well, the lovin' gets better when you consider what new sponsor Bodog is adding in:

(a) Three (3) seats into the Bodog $100k Guaranteed Tournament ($100+9). The top three players in league points at the end of the season win one of these seats.

(b) Five (5) seats in the weekly $25k Guaranteed Tournament ($50+5). These will be awarded to nightly winners on a pre-posted schedule, so you'll know in advance if one of these bonus goodies is up for grabs on any given night. These seats are above and beyond the normal prize pool for the tournament. (When you read about and sign up for the tour, you'll receive links to the KAP Online League forum, where all the information is posted.)

And, oh yeah, players who play in at least half of the events win a Kick Ass Poker t-shirt. As Jason and Brad say, schweet. But you've gotta sign up to play, so click on this link to learn more about the Kick Ass Poker Online League today. My donations await.

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