Sunday, June 18, 2006

WBCoOP a So-So Day for the KAP Contingent

First off, let me assure you of the following:

Online poker is RIGGED.

How else to explain that I sit down in a big online tournament, and on the opposite end of the table... it's... my own boss?? Yes, Jason (Spry_13) was directly across from me shortly after action began in PokerStars' World Blogger Championship of Online Poker. Along with Frankl, of course, that means that at least three of the five players physically there were known to be solid players, if we stretch the truth a bit and include me among the three.

Anyhow, here's the proof:

Jason went down in chips early, then doubled through twice (and finally eliminated) a very loose player at the table. As for me, my sole claim to fame here is that in the first hour, I was able to pull off Hammer bluffs not once but FOUR times. (For the occasional unwashed heathen who wanders by, "The Hammer" is 7-2 off-suited.)

Alas, though, all that g00t HammerFlashing went for naught. I busted out at 473rd on a plain ol' ordinary three-out bad-beat river, and Jason went out in the 900's after apparantly running into something similar.

For something totally unrelated, here's what happens when you choose a screen name with too many wide letters in it:

So much for getting sponsorship from the Chesapeake Cra Shack, or something similar.

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