Monday, June 19, 2006

A Class Gesture: Offers to Cover Reneged Check n Raise WSOP Entries

Here's one of those stories that we're only too happy to pick up and share with an incrementally wider audience. Just a few days ago, we learned about the unfortunate situation concerning WSOP seats won by members of Check n Raise Poker, a smaller member of the Ongame Network that most people know through long-running site Ten seat winners were said to be affected, in varying degrees and amounts, with the total value of the seats reneged on by the Check n Raise Ponzi schemers said to be $50,000.

Enter a white hat, in the form of This release just hit's own news blog in the last hour: " saves the day!" The release goes on to say that if the affected players come forward, and if the facts concerning the defaulting by Check n Raise are verified, then will cover the cost of the seats for those ten players. As of yet, Check n Raise has been unresponsive to's inquiries... along with just about everyone else's.

There are ways to get publicity that are bad --- and I'll be mentioning one in those in a soon-to-appear post --- and there are ways to get publicity that are very, very good. This is one of the best and nicest I've seen. There are still a couple of catches to everything, basically the verification that everything reported in the various outlets last week is true. But it seems as though there will be ten very happy players, all not wearing Check n Raise gear. Here's the gist of's release:

"Both the tournament entry fee and spending money according to the terms of each promotion will be provided by if any of the affected players come forward.

" Director of Gaming, Paul Cherry said, 'I don't want to comment too much at this time, as we are yet to obtain confirmation that the reported situation is accurate. But if the story is true, we are happy to help these players however possible.'"

This is a wonderful gesture, to say the least; it looks as though for the affected players, things will work out, one way or the other. It's noted here for the record that I play quite a bit at, but this one deserves kudos regardless.

Bravo, Well done.

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