Friday, October 02, 2009

Cool Sportsbook Promo - NFL Suicide Pool

This is my first time ever playing in an NFL suicide pool. The boys over at Poker Affiliate Listings in conjunction with put together a very cool NFL suicide pool. Not only is this fun to play, but there is a $3,000 prize pool up for grabs! We started with over 100 players and we're through half the field going in to week 4.

How a suicide pool works is like this. Each week you pick 1 team. If that team wins you advance, if that team pulls a Detroit, you're out. You can only pick each team 1 time through the season.

My strategy is to pick the shittiest of the good teams who is matched up with the worst of the bad teams. Funny thing is, I am yet to pick the team that plays against the Lions, whilst most of the league is just picking whomever they face. Those guys got burnt last week when Stafford took them to their first victory this season over the Browns I believe? I don't really keep up with football to be honest so not sure but they finally won one.

I've still got many horses left to pick and even snuck in a win picking the Raiders over the chiefs last week, oh word ballsy!

So, whats the point of this non poker gossip information? Just to tell you that if you haven't played in a promo like a NFL suicide pool then it's hella fun. Arm youself with a current Sportsbook promo code and get your account set up. There are half season and mini suicide pools springing up to play all throughout this NFL season. is one of our favorite places to play as they accept CC's for deposit like it's no ones business, accept USA and Canadian players and have the juiciest damn Sunday poker tables in the world. It has to be all the fish who are betting sports killing some time at the NL tables because they are thick and swarming.

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