Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Throwing Down With... Gus Hansen?!

Welcome back to the party. News travels fast in the poker world and we're here to keep you up to speed.

Enough chit chat. Let's get started.

Apparently, Theo Jorgensen is just about fed up with Gus Hansen. They've always had a little rivalry going. The thing that finally pushed Jorgensen over the edge was Hansen's shadowboxing escapades after each win on the tables (yeah, that would piss us off, too).

So, Jorgensen and Hansen are planning to settle the matter in the boxing ring on February 21. The purse is supposed to be $35,000. But, Hansen said he's in far better shape and he'll only take $25,000 when he wins.

Them's fightin' words!

As it stands right now, Hansen is the underdog at +155.

Frankly, we'd much rather see them get into the MMA Octagon. But, hell... a couple of right hooks are better than nothing.

C'mon... who doesn't want to take a swing at this smile?

Next on the poker docket...

Tom Dwan's Losing Streak Continues

As of a few days ago, Dwan had managed to amass over $3.5 million in losses.

He doesn't look too happy, does he?

If anyone has had their fingers in Dwan's pockets, it's gotta be Gus Hansen (yes, the boxing dynamo) and Patrik Antonius. Hansen's is up over $2 million so far in the year while Antonius is closing in on $3 million.

At this rate, poor 'ole Dwan is going to need his own federal bailout.

We're pulling for you, Tom. But, you might want to rethink those $1 million challenges in the future.

The $1 Million Bet Heard Around The World

Phil Ivey made a call from the floor of the Bellagio a few days ago. At the time, he was waiting to see whether someone would pick up a $1 million bet on the Super Bowl.

Well, we know how that game turned out, but nobody seems to know (yet) who Ivey wanted to bet on. For those of you who are keeping score out there, you might remember that Ivey lost a huge bet (rumored at over $1 million) on the NBA Finals last year.

So, even if you did find out which team Phil wanted to back, would you throw your chips in behind him?

Not with that track record.

Another week, another wrap. To recap...

1. Gus Hansen thinks he's a skinny Mike Tyson.
2. Tom Dwan is about to blow right through his take from 2008.
3. Phil Ivey has more confidence in his NFL team picking than we do.

Until next time...

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