Monday, October 27, 2008

Your Invite to the KAP Online Poker League

I wanted to take a minute to invite everyone to the next installment of the league starting up on October 29th, over $1000 in League Bonus Prizes! You can discuss the league in this thread in the Online Poker League forum thread here.

We are playing for 15 weeks now instead of 10 or 12 as usual, but only your top 8 scores will count. Meaning that if you miss some games it isn't a big of deal, and you can still start later in the season.

Next, we get a freeroll on week 16 with $300 in the prize pool from Bodog and to quality you have to be in the top 10 overall OR play in at least 10 games, or both. - Points do not count for the freeroll.

Finally, there is now a bounty on the previous weeks winner for the amount of the current buy in. Meaning if it is on a $20+2 event, whomever won last weeks event has a $22 bounty on their head (this is all awarded as tourney credits, not ecash).

Here are the details below:

Top 2 in overall points at the end of the season will receive Tournament Credits to play in the Sundays’ $100K Guaranteed Tournament. Players ranking from 3rd to 10th place will receive Tournament Credits to play in either a Multi-Table Tournament or Single Table Tournaments

Overall Points Rankings

1st – T$200 + Custom Engraved Card Guard
2nd – T$150
3rd – T$100
4th – T$80
5th – T$50
6th – T$25
7th – T$20
8th – T$15
9th – T$10
10th – T$5

Each tournament will have a BOUNTY on the winner of the previous game, for an amount of the current tournament buy-in. If the previous champ does not show up, the bounty will be moved over to player: ‘KAP’

At the end of the League (week 16th), we will have a $300 FREEROLL for the top 10 plus any player who played 10+ tournaments for this League.

Top 8 scores will be counted for your individual points score, so don’t lose your hopes if you come in dead last in the first few tournaments, or if you come in late to the League – you still have a change to WIN!!!

The points are based on a system that distributes points for top finishers in tournaments.

The leaderboard takes into account the number of players, the buy-in and your finish rank for each Kick Ass Poker tournament you participate in.

The formula used to calculate the leaderboard points is: 10*(SQRT(N)/SQRT(R))*(SQRT(SQRT(B))+0.2)

N = Number of players entered in the tournament.

R = Finish Rank of the player for the tournament.

B = Buy-in of the tournament.

SQRT = Square root


10 players in the tournament, you finish first, Buy-in is $10, Points = 62.55

Total of 15 tournaments – Starting OCT 29th, 2008

Every Wednesday at 9:10pm ET

Tournament Names: “Kick Ass Poker League”

1. All players must have an enabled Bodog Player Account.

2. Names will be displayed on the Leaderboard by your Bodog Poker Room screen name.

3. Points will be awarded on Kick Ass Poker Tournaments only.

4. The leaderboard will be updated within 24-48 hours after each tournament takes place.

New to the KAP League?
1. Register with
2. Get a real account at BodogLife.
3. Register for the weekly tournament. password: lefty
4. Be online at 9:10pm EST Wednesdays
5. Proceed to give KAP all your chips

Leaderboard and Rules

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