Thursday, October 23, 2008 Solves that Pesky Online Poker Problem for Italy

With a hearty huzzah and a cheer throughout the streets all of our Italian friends and visitors can now rejoice with an option to play PokerStars from Italy. This announcement from PokerStars showed up early on the week of 10/20, or around then, that Italian players are now welcomed to play in approved tournaments and that is AAMS certified!

It's always interesting watching the worldwide battle for market share of the growing online poker market take shape with different countries allowing different things and how the sites have to adapt to serve them selves. It leads to some very interesting domain name work arounds, marketing strategies and the like.

We noticed a lot of italian traffic coming to the sites and decided to translate our widely popular Poker Stars download guide into the download guide. Not to mention that the italian market is one of the most lucrative and soft after demographics. Now that PokerStars has a license for Italian players there is demand to fill one of the spots for one of Italy's estimated 500,000 real money players. Here's the official press release on October 15th from the PokerStars press page.

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