Sunday, February 17, 2008 Technical Problems Smoothed Out?

It looks like PokerStars had more than one little difficulty in its programming during the last week. I'd mentioned in a post about a week ago that Stars must have had some sort of programming glitch in its software, severe enough to cause the cancellation of several hours worth of SNGs on the site.

Guess what? It happened at least twice more early this past week. On one of the occasions, whatever they were were fixing was severe enough that they chose to cancel an hour's worth of prime-time MTTs as well.

If anything, the constantly changing news banner at the top of the Stars menu page made it clear the fixin' was going on at a rapid pace. During one of the outages, this appeared:

And about a half hour later, that banner was replaced by this one:

Whatever the issue was, it seems to be have been handled at last check. I know one thing, though: I wish I had a nickel for every nickel's rake Stars lost while the site was partially down as they worked on the problem.

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