Sunday, February 17, 2008

And One Last *Sigh* for the Night

From a recent 2+2 thread; posters' names mercifully excluded:

Time: 09:49 PM

there is a 2k nl game on ftp where the waitlist has 48 players on it, whats the deal here? Ive never seen a huge waitlist like this on ftp.

Time: 09:53 PM

sources say theres a fish at the table

Time: 10:20 PM

pretty sure the main target there got over 10buyins deep at one point too

Time: 10:28 PM

i think the fish left....

Time: 10:32 PM

everyone is just sitting out, this is odd

. . . .

Ya think maybe, just maybe, when the waiting list gets 48 freakin' names deep chasing after a single fish that the use of "buddy" targeting and other techie tools is just a little bit out of whack?

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