Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Lou Moves to Rounders Radio, First Show Tomorrow

(Haley here, checking in with a brief pimpage for a friend...)

With the apparent demise of Hold'em Radio, which has been the Internet equivalent of a static TV screen since January 1st, at least one of the mainstays of that fledgling poker-podcast network is setting up new digs. That would be Lou Krieger, who formerly co-hosted (along with Amy Calistri) the popular Thursday night broadcast "Keep Flopping Aces."

Lou's going to retain the title of his show, "Keep Flopping Aces," although co-host Amy won't be around on as regular a basis, it seems. (Maybe she can do an occasional guest co-host to keep Lou on his toes.) Lou's also going to keep his same time slot, 9:00pm ET on Thursdays, so the regular Lou-ites won't have to juggle their appointed rounds.

Lou's premiere guest is Jennifer Newell, the columnist for Poker Pro Magazine,, and the Lou-edited Poker Player Newspaper, among other outlets. Jen recently did an in-depth six-part series in PPN on the Absolute Poker scandal, and it's one of the topics the two will be talking about during KFA's re-launch broadcast. Besides that, Jen authored that PPN quote extolling the virtues of this blog that you see at upper right, which we've never properly thanked her for.

It should be a pretty decent show, and the move to Rounders carries one bonus: listeners can now call in their questions live to Lou and his guests. Here are the call-in numbers:

USA 1.810.496.3428
Canada: 1.519.913.2250
London: 02 07 993 6143

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