Sunday, December 09, 2007

Poker Stars on a Mac - PokerStars Macintosh Client

Yeah, the boys over at probably had a "moment of rapture" when this news became known. Poker Star Mac went live on Friday with a beta version of their software for real-money play, after a play-money version had been in similar beta testing for quite some time. Given how Mac users are --- and I worked in a Mac shop for a couple of years, so I understand (or at least have seen) the fanaticism --- there's probably some chickens being sacrificed in honor of Stars this weekend.

Since I don't have a Mac at the moment, I can't verify that the software is indeed as slick as the traditional Windoze version, though with the exception of a couple of minor features associated with seat selection the whole package is supposed to be in place. If you have a Mac and are interested, then surf around over at the, site, where a download page and installation instructions await.

I'm quite sure that a whole new wave of publishing companies and educational concerns will now be adding Stars to their list of blocked sites in the coming months. Any takers on a prop bet?

* also announces a new PokerStars Marketing Code as a part of their new affiliate program.
**Here are additional Poker Sites Compatible with Macs

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Jack said...

Great, now we need a Linux port. :p

Jack from Play Instant Poker.