Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gary Wise's Planned ESPN Article on Absolute--- Deep-Sixed?

Reposted here without comment, as posted on the 2+2 forums:

[Originally Posted by apefish: 'Okay, since this is I guess the news forum technically... can anyone point me to a completed article by Gary Wise about Absolute Poker?

I don't understand what happened with that.']

ape and others;

I can't say i'm all that happy about it myself. Because I named names, questioned the validity of AP statements and was unable to get sources from within the company to confirm (Nat and Serge were very helpful with providing information, but espn doesn't consider them official sources on AP goings-on) ESPN has some understandable concerns with legal issues. That leaves me a) wanting to remain loyal to my employers and for the article to get the exposure only they can provide, or b) wanting to post it somewhere else.

I put some 60-80 hours into this 8,600 project with the only compensation promised my regular 1,000-word article rate (generally 2-6 hours of work), taking on the project because I wanted the efforts here to get the attention they deserved. I'm sorry this has proven such a dissapointment for all of you. At this point, I'm open to your suggestions on what to do.

Gary Wise

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