Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tinfoil Hat Time --- Redskins Style

And here I thought the cuckoo Redskins fans were the ones in the 'Pigs' cheering section....

Here's one of the best "online poker is rigged" posts ever. It appears on a football forum site called ExtremeSkins, and is just funny as hell. While I'm sure you'll want to read it in its entirety, all you really need to know is contained in the first few sentences:

I am a good poker player who does very well in live games. In online poker though, I have lost money and suffered bad beats where the odds must have been over 500:1. This has happend numberous times.

Found this doing some research and it makes sense.

I know a programmer who helped create the Pokerstars shuffle. According to him it is rigged as its a necessary evil from a business standpoint....

As Andy Griffith once said, "Go-o-o-o-o-d cracker." What I find most amazing about the thread is that all the respondents agree with this person in some form or another, though the original poster's accuracy was suspect from the very first words: "I am a good poker player." Yeah, and I should emigrate to the D.C. area and find the games that this guy can make money in.

As for the collective group of ExtremeSkins posters who chimed in, I recommend this:

But thanks for the laugh, regardless.

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