Sunday, November 25, 2007

MTV Thinks Online Poker Players are Exciting

Wanna take part in a breathtaking new documentary showing the exciting lives of online poker players? Yes, you too, can be a television star on an MTV series planned about people who live 'alternative lives' online. (Sounds like this is really someone searching for a Duplicate Poker player, but that's another story.)

The series, called "True Life," focuses on... well... we'll just reprint the True Life producer's pitch as posted on 2+2:

I'm producing a documentary for MTV about people who lead "alternative lives" online. We're reaching out to a number of different online groups and cultures, and we thought it could be fascinating to profile someone who gambles online. The key thing we’re looking for is that our subject leads a life that is very distinct/unique/interesting when juxtaposed to his or her online gambling activities. You must be in the age range of 18-28.

This would be part of the documentary series “True Life” which has won numerous journalism awards. I anticipate some eye-rolling when folks see everybody’s favorite whipping-boy network, MTV. The “True Life” series really does stand out from your typical MTV programming, as it is far less “reality tv” and more objective documentary. The series is always told POV the characters we choose, so there is no editorializing or commenting-on that we engage in. The effort, simply, is to tell the subject’s story in as objective a way as possible.

Please email your story, age, and a photo to: (Left Right is a NYC-based production company hired by MTV to produce this show)


Let's add a thought or two. First, they could've just hired Dutch Boyd. Not only was he wanting to reunite the 'Crew' a few months ago and trying to sell a series of his own based on online poker players sitting around a large apartment or house and staring at computer screens and farting, but with Dutch, you'd get the whole "alternative lives" thing and then some. Besides, whipping boys love company, too.

Whoever's selected, though, gets the hidden bonus: a return role on "Surreal Life 26" a decade down the road. We could get to be a sponsor and this could be a huge hit, don't you think?

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