Sunday, October 21, 2007

Calvin Ayre Wants to Pound Scott Lewis

[Cal again, with another fun one from the fringes---]

It's been picked up by several media outlets today that Bodog's Calvin Ayre has issued a MMA "grudge match" challenge to Scott Lewis, the CEO of 1st Technologies, LLC. 1st Technologies is the Nevada firm that seized control over Ayre's domain after receiving a default judgment in August in a case concerning potential online-technology patent infringement. For one reason or another, Ayre and his attorneys never showed up to challenge the case, which led to the awarding of a claim valued at $49 million.

In his latest posts on the blog, Ayre challenges Lewis to a 3-round Bodog Fight rules MMA face pounding. Ayre says he'll put up a million in cash, if Lewis puts up the seized domain in return. Ayre has tried to make that original domain have little value, with Bodog's subsequent move to and later is the right one at the moment.

In response to some emails, threats and claims that Lewis has been said to have made, a small part of Ayre's response is below. It's some good reading.

(Ayre writing from here...)

Scott Lewis: You want money. I want to hit you…repeatedly. In a lawful way, of course.

Now I don't know if those emails were really sent by you or by someone pretending to be you, but they did get me thinking. I'm thinking that maybe there is the essence of a deal here. See…we both have something that the other wants. You—being an unethical thieving Patent Troll—want some of the money that I created by actually producing a legitimate product that is favored by the consumers market. And from you? This is what I want: your face. More specifically, I covet the lawful opportunity to smash your face…repeatedly.

What I propose is that I put up US $1 million in trust with a lawyer. We then set up a three-round Bodog Fight rules mixed martial arts event at a jurisdiction in which we are licensed. If you win the fight you get the money. If I win? I'd want those now valueless domains you stole to be given back to their rightful owner. BodogTV would produce the event and own the television rights. (Your lawyer bosses can work this out with some of our lawyers.) You should have no problem with this, right? After all, that was a big testosterone move grabbing those domains and black holing them like that knowing that you were not being entirely fair wasn't it? You were going to show everyone who the tough guy was weren't you?

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