Saturday, October 27, 2007

Absolute Developments

Haley here, stopping in to share the latest list of developments for those of you wanting to keep tabs on the Absolute Poker situation.

Absolute released two statements during the week, both through very unofficial sources. The first can be found at the start of this thread on 2+2, while the second can be found at the start of this thread, also on 2+2.

I had one more piece on the situation up early on the week at PokerNews, the third we've done there on the story to date. Maybe there'll be another one soon. Maybe not.

Lou Krieger and Amy Calistri invited me to stop by their "Keep Flopping Aces" show on Thursday night and chat about the situation, and though we battled sound problems for one segment and there were a couple of areas where I did not wish to publicly speculate, we all had a good time. Besides that, Lou and Amy are treasured poker friends, are among the industry's finest writers, and I haven't given their show much link love lately. I'm not sure if it's in the podcast archive yet, but here's the link to Wade Andrews' Hold'em Radio site anyway.

Let's see... oh, yes, this was the week Mark Seif entered the Absolute story in a public sense, other than a brief dismissal of the whole thing on his own blog before some of the more serious facts in the story really broke. Seif has served as a spokesman for the site since June of 2004.

First up was a taped interview with Seif by Dan Michalski that appears over at the always excellent Then, Snake and Chops talked Seif into doing a lengthy video interview, which was co-published on Friday at both Wicked Chops Poker and Wicked Chops' main page now boasts a blurb which states: "The most read poker blog in Costa Rica. And now Panama!" Funny, guys!


snake said...

glad ya picked up on and appreciated the costa rica/panama blurb...knew it wouldn't slide past you.

hope all is dandy

guest said...

Saw the unicorn a week or so ago and had a good laugh at that, too. I think I have a rich, dark sense of humor and, having been skewered a few times myself, I can appreciate the funny side of almost anything, whether I'm prepared to comment myself or not on any given topic.

-- Haley