Sunday, September 16, 2007

PokerTracker Site Hacked, Temporarily Disabled

[Cal, checking in---]

Users of the popular performance-tracking software PokerTracker were dismayed late in the week to discover that the site had been compromised, resulting in its quickly being taken offline by the software's owner/developers.

Since a lot of users have their PokerTracker software set to retrieve updates automatically, the question then arose as to whether the software was somehow auto-installing a virus that would compromise users' own sensitive information. The answer to that, at least, seemed to be no --- while at least one 2+2 poster reported that a patch obtained from PT might have contained a virus, the problem seemed to be that the PT site itself was hacked, resulting in the software hanging while it searched for updates that could not be retrieved.

PokerTracker arranged with another third-party software maker to have its install files temporarily hosted their while its own site's issues are resolved. PokerTracker is expected to be online as normal sometime during the coming week.

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