Sunday, September 16, 2007

'New' Bodog Sports a Mohawk

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Bodog's way of dealing with its domain-name issues in light of the 1st Technology patent suit fiasco has been to set up its new set of domains (the family) through Canada's Morris Mohawk Gaming Group setup. The agreement, designed to cover North American operations, covers all Bodog-related domains and the "Bodog" trademark. The purpose is to render 1st Technology's $49 million judgment toothless.

Bodog CEO Calvin Ayre, in his own "Ayre Waves" blog, commented on the matter:

Although the residents of the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory prefer to call themselves Kanien:keha'ka (the "People of the Flint"), it was the name "Mohawk" given to them by the Europeans back in the 1600s, that seems to have stuck. They're tough all right…

The Mohawks aren't exactly known for backing down from a fight (case in point: the Oka Crisis); and they don't exactly take kindly to folks who try to steal from them (case in point: the Kahnawake Iroquois and the Rebellions of 1837-38).

It should be very interesting, then, to see how they'll handle the Patent Trolls over at 1st Technology who are trying to bleed $50 million out of them…all because of some lame patent that 1st Technology claims to have over their Bodog domains. Dr. Scott W. Lewis is the man behind 1st Technology and I'll bet any money he's wishing he was going head to head with me… rather than the Mohawk Nation....

The excerpt is the most printable portion of Ayre's outburst, which also includes a rather vicious attack on 1st Technology CEO Dr. Scott Lewis, who is referred to as that "patent troll" and pictured (purportedly) in a maybe-humorous but definitely unflattering way. Kahnawake, of course, is the Canadian operation that maintains the servers and software for many large online gaming sites, Bodog included. In Bodog's case, they now technically do a bit more than that.

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