Saturday, July 28, 2007

NeverWin Poker Sold to Tony G and PokerNews

The likes of Micon gone corporate? Believe it or not, it's a done deal, as the stridently anti-establishment NeverWin Poker was sold this week to PokerNews. Domain registration already points to the new PokerNews owners, though the site was down overnight, perhaps for some upkeep.

In his announcement on the site before the down time, site co-owner Bryan Micon noted that he, Justin Woolf and Todd Witteles will retain minority ownership stakes in the new NWP, and that he hopes that the influx of PokerNews programming expertise will upgrade the overall NWP site and add features that the founders were simply unable to provide.

Early reaction from the NWP user base was decidedly mixed, with both strong pro and anti voices sounding off on the sale. NWP has long been recognized as the edgiest of the larger poker forums, with a not-insignifcant portion of its content typically of a nature that would be banned from a site such as Pocket Fives or 2+2. How much of the raciest commentary can remain is one of the open questions of the acquisition, and was indeed one of the hottest discussion topics in the hours after Micon's announcement.

Exact terms of the deal were not disclosed. An earlier announcement on the deal on the Poker-King web site hinted at a $200,000 purchase price, while Micon himself affirmed that the deal was for much more than the $20,000 figure tossed around in the forum discussions.

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