Monday, March 19, 2007

Raymer’s Poker Stars Account Hacked by Interloper

Electronic railbirds were offered a curious sight on Sunday, being witness to “Fossilman” (better known as 2005 WSOP Main Event winner Greg Raymer) seemingly dumping all his money to an unknown player in several high-stakes heads-up Stars sit-‘n’-go tournaments.

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. Several onlookers noticed the same odd behavior and massive dumping of Raymer’s account contents and notified Stars security, which quickly froze the account of the player, screen-named “Ikeyrson.” Stars security in turn notified Raymer himself, who had been playing VIP and TLB matches earlier in the day but had logged off to watch a golf tournament. [Image source:]

According to Raymer, who confirmed the incident on a popular poker forum, the interloper(s) made multiple attempts at guessing Raymer’s Stars password, and finally succeeded. However, cracking the account of a high-profile player with such a following made little sense, as Stars security received dozens of e-mails about the chip-dumping and froze the “Ikeyrson” account before any of the stolen money could be moved to third parties or off of the site. Funnier still, one forum poster wondered why the thief didn't just initiate a direct transfer of money through the Stars cashier, rather than risking being noticed in this way.

Raymer himself was practicing on a local golf range when he received phone calls about the matter from his wife, father, and at least one Stars representative.

All of the stolen/dumped funds were quickly returned to Raymer’s account. European Internet laws governing Stars likely prevent the firm from releasing the name of the purported thief, pending further investigation into the matter.

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