Monday, March 19, 2007

BLUFF, WSOP Almost Ink Media Pact

Want to know what to call a deal that's been agreed upon in principle but has yet to be signed? Today's preferred flavor is "executing a non-binding letter of intent."

One of the worst kept secrets of recent weeks has been the knowledge that as far as primary media provider at the World Series of Poker, it's going to be BLUFF in, Card Player out. Finally, with the ink not only not yet dry, but not even out of the pen, the WSOP has acknowledged the obvious and stated that BLUFF will be handling the primary media duties.

Perhaps BLUFF will be contracting out some of the secondary chores that arise from a project as large as the WSOP, though it's likely that we'll not see a duplication of the "Craig's List chip-counting interns" situation from last year. Card Player hired lots of cheap labor last year, and by and large, they got what they paid for.

Here's your token quote, which all press releases are required to have. (It's in the bylaws of the American Press Release Writers Association.) "Bluff shares our vision for bringing WSOP content to every medium that matters," said Jeffrey Pollack, commissioner of the World Series of Poker. "Over the next four years, this alliance will help us connect with our players and fans in new and exciting ways, and further increase the value and relevancy of our global brand."

BLUFF will also take over WSOP Europe and the WSOP Circuit events, and it looks like the magazine will also manage (and perhaps upgrade) the WSOP's own offerings at The press release confirms that the deal is to be for four years, 2007-2010 (or technically, early 2011), but there is no concrete information yet on exactly how much BLUFF paid for the rights.

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