Saturday, March 17, 2007

Continuance Granted in NETeller Case

In the midst of a big weekend for sports bettors, having some marginal connection to college hoops, the safest bet of all was that the U.S. would request a postponement in their continuing case against the two NETeller founders arrested in January.

Call it a slam dunk, a click to pick, a five-star special or whatever. This case wasn't going anywhere on Friday except to a later date, the optimism of some pundits notwithstanding. The case against NETeller founders Lawrence and Lefebvre is now scheduled for a hearing on April 16th, at which time we MAY learn whether the U.S. authorities plan on filing charges in the matter.

So anyone with funds frozen at NETeller... your funds are still sitting there, just like the million that once sat in the plexiglass horseshoe at Binion's.

Customer discontent continues to grow and fester. The emerging NETeller Customer Coalition is the latest hat to be tossed into the NETeller ring. This group, though still in the "talk" stage, is beginning to explore possible avenues for action against NETeller. Good luck to them, because such a process would likely be as arduous as the other matter referenced above.

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Anonymous said...

Good reporting.
And no joke about the task ahead.

- yahboohoo