Saturday, March 17, 2007

CardPlayer-Based Commenter Rips BLUFF, WSOP

Maybe Card Player should just stick to the print edition, since they're having a bit of trouble figuring out this Internet thing. A recent bit of hilarity quickly made the rounds behind the scenes, all starting with a post made over at on the topic of BLUFF's being awarded the main media rights to the WSOP.

BLUFF may well have secured the rights for the next four years, though no announcement has been made and, to date, there's been no report of the deal being inked. Card Player, though seems a bit like a spiteful cat when it comes to dealing with other poker media, slashing out when it doesn't get its way. The disgraceful Belsky/BLUFF video was the latest example, until....

A poster using the name "Artie Fufkin" (a lame This is Spinal Tap reference) submitted this as commentary to the post: "Awarded?” Buying an overpriced package from the cash hungry WSOP is hardly a coup. More realistically the folks at Bluff have bitten off more than they can chew. Would not be surprised if the fees bankrupt them. Bluff is mediocre at best, as is the WSOP, and the whole thing looks like an impending slow motion train wreck."

Only one prob: The managers just checked their logs to see what the IP address was for the computer used by the commenter. Lo and behold, it came from the Card Player offices. And because it's not every day that a smaller site gets a gift like that dropped into their laps, devoted a whole second post to the discovery. I don't blame 'em a bit.

I'm pretty sure that BLUFF and all other magazines (and poker websites) expect to be called mediocre by CP, but I'm guessing the World Series of Poker wasn't too pleased. I believe this one qualifies as a "hot potato," doesn't it? And that's not even talking about the failure to hyphenate compound adjectives, which is the really serious crime here, let me tell ya....

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