Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bodog on the Way Out?

Well, that's one of the rumors, at least. Most of you will remember that it wasn't too long ago that Bodog announced a cessation of its U.S.-based television and magazine advertising, among other markets. Subsequent tales had Bodog planning on an exit from the U.S. market in its entirety sometime around July 1st, though recent events may well move that schedule forward, if the rumors are, in fact, believable.

*Bodog is still USA friendly!

Basically, if you've got some bucks on Bodog, my opinion is that you should considering going ahead and gambling it up; it's not like you're going to be able to do anything with those sawbacks in the near future, anyway. The purpose of the recent attack on online poker by the USDOJ was directed at market fluidity, and in the short term, at least, that attack has succeeded. Nonetheless, this blogger plans on fighting and fighting hard.

Think of someone like Goodlatte, such a moralistic and religious literalist that he actually believes that the world was created less than 6,000 years ago. The pols who were instrumental in the passage of the UIGEA are the type who simply want to punish you because you do not share their particular mindset. Modern politics is about control and punishment. But I'll fight just a tad longer, thanks.

And don't forget the role of the NFL in all this. Yes, the NFL has been of the most hypocritical of all organizations playing a role in the passage of the UIGEA, something you should remember the next time you think about purchasing an authorized jersey of your favorite team.

End of digressive rant. Back to Bodog in a maybe sort of way. There's a rather well-founded tale circulating the chat boards right now, about the hired help of one large Costa Rican sportsbook being relocated to Montreal on extremely short notice, just because the company's principals believed that anyone currently in Costa Rica was ripe for arrest and extradition. The story itself seems to be true, but what is unknown is which sportsbook was involved. There's a thin chance it was Bodog, due to its Canadian roots, but several other sportsbooks also fit the description, and Calvin Ayre had already moved a chunk of his operation out of Costa Rica for exactly this reason.

This has been a tough week for online poker. Do we go forward, or do we go crying and whimpering to our nooks and crannies, afraid of what might happen next? Thanks, but I'll keep up the good fight myself, im whatever tiny way I can.

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