Sunday, November 19, 2006

Raids and Robberies... What's the World Coming To?

More proof that a "sawyer" is the one thing that always tops a royal flush...

News comes to us via separate sources that underground clubs in both Dallas and New York City have been the targets of police raids in recent days, but probably the saddest story of late is the blatant heist pulled off at a Long Island VFW hall where four armed gunmen relieved tournament players of about $50,000, all told. Roughly half of the fifty grand was the prize fund for the tourney, so we wryly (but very sadly) note that even the leader bubbled in this one.

The Newsday story linked here is only one of several recent releases on the episode, though police do have some tips in the case. And yes, this post's image is meant to imply to a double meaning.

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