Thursday, November 23, 2006

KAP Boss Spry Defies Odds, Completes Hat Trick

Kick Ass Poker's Season 7 Online League, hosted at Mansion Poker, concluded Wednesday night with KAP co-boss Spry, playing under his secret online screen name, 'Spry,' taking down his third straight win and clinching the overall title. Sprluckbox, as he was often referred to when his virtual back was turned, nonetheless put on an impressive poker display and clinched a seat in Mansion's Poker Dome Qualifier final, as did the league's overall second-place finisher, 'Box of Wine.' Both Spry and Wine will take their seats in one of the upcoming online 'seat' tournaments, wherein the winner will be sccoted off to Vegas and a chance at some serious macaroons.

Here's hoping that one of the two comes through, and then goes off to Vegas and wins big bucks, if they're not too busy drooling on the Poker Dome chip girls or otherwise preoccupied.

Spots three through seven in the league's overall standings won chances to satellite their way into Mansion's upcoming $200,000 tournament. Here's how the overall league winners finished:

Now, here's the final standings from last night's wrap-up. Yes, attendance was way, way down, but that's to be expected on Thanksgiving Eve. (Ooops.)

Anyhow, Kick Ass Poker will start its eighth season in just a few short weeks, and while it's still being worked on, your KAP blogger has heard rumors that it may well again be hosted by Mansion and it may well again be on Wednesday nights. KAP's easy sign-up link if you don't have a Mansion account is right here. Then, sign-up as a KAP league member (also free). Remember, there's no mandatory number of tournaments anyone has to play. So show up, play poker, and win prizes!

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