Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Official Word: TonyG Poker Welcomes U.S. Players

Heh. Told you I had a reliable source, when I popped this one onto the 'good' list some 12 days back. Anyhow, despite the fact that Blogger refuses to allow me to upload a logo this morning, here's the latest missive from the TonyG folks:

Dear Friends,

We are astonished and dismayed by the United States government's misguided attempts to regulate the recreational activities of its citizens and its apparent belief that the best use of federal security personnel is in preventing ordinary people from playing their favorite games. We know that poker is a game of skill with a uniquely American history and that the current law will ultimately be overturned. Nothing in the bill prohibits players from playing online. Nevertheless, the government has acted and in passing the Safe Ports Act and with the President's signature, we too, have acted.

As all games players know, some key actors such as Party Gaming and the Cryptologic network have abandoned the market and their U.S. customers. Similarly, Firepay has made a similar decision to close shop. NETeller and several leading poker rooms see the U. S. government's actions as an opportunity to refine their brand and focus their efforts.

SkillGames was founded as a Backgammon club 11 years ago and has evolved into a poker network and backgammon club. We have always sought to provide the optimal customer experience. Truly we came for the games and stayed for the friendships.

We see our partners as colleagues and our customers as friends and have sought a long term strategy that embraces their collective needs. We believe, absolutely, that Backgammon and Poker are games of skill and will be ultimately recognized as such.

For us, business will continue as usual with special events to thank our customers for their loyalty over the years. United States customers and those from all over the world are welcome and appreciated.

Best wishes and may the cards be with you,

The Tony G Poker Team

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