Monday, August 28, 2006

The Shuffle - What's going on this week in poker?

The Weekly Shuffle 107

August 28, 2006

World Series of Poker Champ sued for half his winnings!

This article has spoilers as to who won the 2006 WSOP, so if you're one of the "Don't tell me who won, I want to watch it on ESPN" then you probably should not read this story about the WSOP Lawsuit. The interesting thing about the lawsuit is that it looks like it might actually have some teeth! KAP co-founder met the guy who filed the lawsuit, Krispin Leyser, at the WPT Boot Camp in Reno last year. Krispin and his wife Jules taught the online poker class that was most excellent! Depending on the outcome of the case, Mr. Leyser might come out a few million to the positive.

Mark Vos to Mike Matusow: "ur a broke convict overweight gambling addict"

Don't you just love it when the pro's go at it? At Full Tilt Poker you can almost always see professionals playing high stakes poker... Well, after playing heads online poker at Full Tilt Poker, Mike Matasow and poker pro Mark Vos got into a verbal fist fight after some $40,000 swings at some of the highest stakes online. Frustrated by some bad beats, even the pro's sometimes lose their cool and get into the verbal war at the tables. Here is the more on the
Mike Matusow vs Mark Vos story.

Mansion Poker Player Traffic Growing due to excellent promos

I've taken the leap and am now playing a significant amount of my online poker playing time at the Tables over at
MansionPoker. Mansion is a new poker room, opening their doors in June of 2006 but they already have conisistent steady traffic at the no-limit cash tables. From the small limits up to around $5/$10 no-limit games there are a handful of tables running. Not bad for only being open for two months and on their own, independent software. They are not a 'skin' or part of a larger network like most new poker rooms. Plus they are offering most lucrative poker deposit bonus on the net. Here is a quick synopsis of the Mansion Poker Bonus Details.

No Limit Holdem Tips for Beginners

Here is a quick article that beginners can apply to their game right away, presented in an easy to understand quick read article, these tips will help new players win. Here are a
No Limit Holdem Tips for beginners.

Have you seen the 2006 World Series of Poker Photo's yet?

Tons of pro's, and the booth babes, my god the booth babes! Armed with a new camera and time to kill, Fuller made his way around Vegas looking for snapshots of Las Vegas just for you. His adventures led all across Vegas and he ended up rubbing elbows with Doyle Brunson, and he even caught Pamela Anderson's wedding boquet. We're not joking, we've got proof! .
2006 World Series of Poker Photo's.

Final Game of the KickAssPoker Online League this Wednesday!

In what has turned out to be one of the most competitive online poker leagues, with one of the most competitive points race, the KAP Online League is down to it's final game this Wednesday, August 30th. We are now accepting players for our NEW League that is starting on Wednesday, September 13th. More details on that to come, but let's just say that if you are looking for a competitive, organized and enjoyable real money online poker league that has some kick-ass prizes then you will want to play! Here are the
poker league details. Join a competitive, organized and rewarding online poker league.

APC News - Seperate APC Newsletter Now Created for Atlanta Poker Club Members!

APC Members, be sure you sign up for the
Atlanta Poker Club Newsletter! It is seperate from the shuffle with news and events specific to the APC! If you haven't been to the Atlanta Poker Club site in a while, be sure and check it out as well as it has been updated with lots of new info!

That's it for this weeks shuffle! Now back to your regularly scheduled blogger!

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