Sunday, September 15, 2013

Full Tilt Claims Administrator Opens Remission Process

Garden City Group, the claims-administration firm in charge of overseeing the remission process for former United States customers of Full Tilt Poker, has begun the mailing of applications to players who have already contacted them about frozen balances on the site.

GCG also released an expanded FAQ page today enumerating many of the most common questions and concerns players are likely to have, including who is eligible for refunds (most regular players, though some affiliates and players may be denied), when the cutoff date to apply for refunds is (November 16th), and what players should do if they have yet to contact GCG (get in touch via a new link which will be activated on Wednesday, September 18th.

The mailing of applications, formally called petitions for refund, will continue through tomorrow, and on Wednesday GCG will open the 60-day window during which refund petitions will be accepted.  Players will be provided with their balance information as it existed on April 15, 2011 ("Black Friday"), and will have to accept that amount or file another petition, complete with supporting documentation.

After Nov. 16th is when the concerns of US-based affiliates, vendors, and secondary pros will be addressed, when they should all learn whether or not their own applications for refunds will be accepted or denied.  Further language in the United States Department of Justice coded regulations covering remission processes, as linked to by GCG, indicates that a lot of these affiliates and vendors might be denied, despite having only minor business relationships with the old Full Tilt.

Those concerns have dominated much of the talk on poker-forum threads in recent days, as the nature of these relationships suggests that tens of millions in frozen Full Tilt bankroll funds could be frozen in these accounts, many of which belonged to high-profile players and important business connections, the forfeiting of which would coincidentally provide an extra government windfall in the resolution of the case.

More news is likely to be provided in the near future at the official GCG web site for the remission process,

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