Monday, July 20, 2009

Ivey Makes WSOP 2009 Final Table

Man talk about a boon to poker! I bet ESPN is jizzing in their pants with the boon to poker that is sure to be Phil Ivey making the final table of the World Series. In our previous post we talked about Ivey and Esfandiari crushing the WSOP, well Ivey has made the November 9... the 9 final table members who now have to wait until November to finish the tournament.

Who Benefits from Phil Ivey Making the Final Table

Man, this list could get long, lets see:

  • Phil Ivey - while I'm sure the money is nice he's going to get seriously paid for his sponsorship opportunities. We're talking Tiger Woods effect here

  • Full Tilt - Man oh man these guys have to be jizzing in their pants with their #1 star making the final table in the World Series

  • ESPN - Phil Ivey or Jerry Yang... who do you want to watch?

  • Harrahs and the WSOP Brand - if the hype was effective last year then this year the wait for the final table is going to be huuuuuge

  • Online Poker - probably not quite the moneymaker effect but this has the potential to bring tons of players back to the online poker tables, specifically where the Phil is one of the original professional players representing Full Tilt

  • Online Poker Affiliates - yes more players interested in poker means more people searching for poker

  • Online Poker Bloggers - we need something to blabble about

  • Poker Players - this is so good for the game that we are going to see a resurgence in poker

  • The PPA - see, poker is a skill game, we told you... biznitches... ok the PPA wouldn't really talk like that but you get the idea.

Here's our personal thank you Phil Ivey.

Thank you!

Here's to the prop betting!

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