Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Mystery Of The Bouncing Checks... SOLVED!

Last week, the news broke that checks from Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars were bouncing higher than Clonie Gowen's hopes for a FullTilt payout. We blamed the incident on good 'ole Phil Hellmuth because he always looks like he's up to something shifty.

We're happy to say (sort of) that Hellmuth had nothing to do with the mess. The real story is that federal prosecutors swept down and froze the accounts of the payment processors.

Boooo! Incidentally, some legal experts are calling foul. A law professor in California says, "It's very aggressive, and I think it's a gamble on the part of the prosecutors."

So, while this guy is fighting for us in Congress...

... the feds are rattling their sabers. It's still not clear where this mess is going to head. But, we'll keep you posted.

2009 WSOP Updates

Things are still cookin' over at the WSOP and there's no shortage of exciting tidbits to report.

First up... the incredibly alert Johnny Chan.

We're pretty sure those bottles weren't filled with water.

In any case, those of you keeping score will know that Chan has 10 WSOP bracelets to his name. He's one behind Hellmuth and as of yesterday, was looking to tie him at the top. We're still waiting to hear whether he's done it or not.

Next up... Archie "The Greek" Karas.

If you don't know Archie, you don't know poker lore.

To say he's had a few ups and downs would definitely be an understatement. We'll let you discover the sordid tale of his life for yourself. We mention him because he was at the WSOP gunning for his first bracelet. Sadly, he didn't get it, but we're rooting for him next year. Keep your spirits up, Archie.

Next up... Roland de Wolfe

Yesterday, de Wolfe became the second player to take down the Triple Crown of Poker award. We're not talking about the second player at the 2009 WSOP. We're talking the second player in the history of people wearing crowns.

You're given the Triple Crown after you win the WSOP, EPT, and WPT. Another feather in de Wolfe's cap is the fact that he did it by winning his first WSOP bracelet. Nice goin', Roland!

Hmmm... he's not actually looking at the camera, is he?

And ending the WSOP news on a high note... Phil Ivey

Phil has already locked down two bracelets for the 2009 WSOP, including his seventh overall.

That has a few people wondering if he's going to catch Hellmuth one of these days.

Rumor has it that Phil gets bored at the tournaments pretty quickly. To liven things up, he's been making bets with the other players regarding how many bracelets he can take home.

Oh, we'd say he has a few more left in him. Go get 'em, Ivey.

The Slowest Poker Tournament In The World

After 786 hands, it looks like Tom Dwan has fought his way back to breaking even.

Frankly, as poker tournaments go, this is like watching paint dry. But, we're here to report the news, not make it.

Another week, another wrap. To recap...

  1. The Department Of Justice is playing dirty with online poker players.
  2. Johnny Chan needs to lay of the "water."
  3. Archie Karas misses his shot at a WSOP bracelet.
  4. Roland de Wolfe makes history with his Triple Crown.
  5. Phil Ivey cannot stop betting.
  6. Tom Dwan is embroiled in the most boring poker tournament on the circuit.

As always, bringing you the poker news that's fit to print.

See you next week...

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