Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ziigmund Demolishes durrrr In 2-Day Upset

Tom Dwan has been having trouble keeping his head above water lately. He was riding high into 2009 after crushing the competition during 2008. This year has been a different story.

For awhile, it seemed as if he were racing to purge as much cash as possible on the Full Tilt tables (see our Full Tilt review). He busted out of the gate at the beginning of 2009 and spent no time hemorrhaging nearly $4 million.

As of the first part of this month, Dwan had miraculously managed to recoup a major chunk of his losses. That was until Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies got ahold of him. In a heads-up $500/$1000 PLO match, Ziigmund dismantled durrrr and swiped at least $1.5 million from him.

Dwan is no stranger to major moves of cash across the table. But, the cash usually moves toward him, no away from him.

Paris Hilton: Cars And Poker Don't Mix

Good thing Paris Hilton has a few bucks in her bank account. With her taste in Bentleys matched only by her inability to hold onto them for long, she'll need the cash.

Or, a little charity from PartyPoker (read our PartyPoker review).

The poker site offered her a deal back in 2006 when Hilton lost her Bentley in a poker game: Beat company spokesman Mike Sexton in a NL Hold'em heads-up match and PartyPoker will buy her a new one.

She passed on the deal at the time. Apparently, she had things to do, people to meet, and hard-to-see home videos to make.

But Hilton's current Bentley was recently egged while she played in a private game. So, PartyPoker took the opportunity to remind her that their offer was still on the table.

Frankly, seeing as how she's mostly famous for being famous, it couldn't hurt her image.

Phil Hellmuth Immortalized... Sort Of

What can we say about Phil Hellmuth that he hasn't said himself? He's obviously a fantastic poker player with a "small" dose of chutzpah and personality.

A brand new book called "Deal Me In" is in production to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his victory at the 1989 WSOP. The book will let Hellmuth and 19 other poker stars (including Annie Duke) describe their rise on the circuit.

It will be sold at PokerBrat.com, which is an oddly fitting domain name given its star.

Another week, another wrap. To recap...

  1. Tom Dwan continues to ride the poker roller coaster. At this point, it's impossible to tell whether he'll end the year as a star or casualty, but it'll be fun to watch either way.
  2. PartyPoker throws Paris Hilton a bone.
  3. Phil Hellmuth rides high with a new book that features his sparkling personality.

As always, bringing you the poker news that's fit to print.

See you next week...

1 comment:

Eurolinx said...

I'll read this book, but only because I'm curious. I hope it sticks to the challenges of his life story, and isn't all douchebaggery like "I made this much money, ate at these fancy restaurants, and hung out with this celebrity". (see Phil's twitter for what I mean).

Being from the same town as him, and still playing with his old crew, I hope it's a good book.

PS, I wonder if durrr will play Phil Hellmuth in his biography movie lol, think about it!